How Humidity Affects Your Hardwood Floors

How-Humidity-Affects-Your-Hardwood-FloorsThe trend of hardwood flooring is growing very fast as it gives an elegant look to your home and office. But, often it creates problems due to humidity that badly affects to your hardwood floor. One of the big effect it makes to the longevity of the floor. However, there are many other factors that affect the hardwood floor, but the interaction between air and wood is one of the major reasons.

During the humid season, the hardwood interacts with the moisture from the air which results to affect the wooden floor. You can’t determine what exact effect the humidity will leave on your hardwood floor. Following are the results when humidity interacts with hardwood floor.

Humidity Effects On Hardwood Floor:

  • Crowning:Due to crowning, your hardwood floor’s centre part rises above while its sides stay below. It may look like a curved, arch shape. It often happens after cupping when your hardwood floors are sanded.
  • Cracking:Humidity and other excessive moisture are also a cause of delivering cracks to the hardwood floor. When humidity swells the wood, it’s plank pushes each other. Forcefully, they bring cracks and damage the overall structure.
  • Gapping:Generally, when relative humidity appears, the wood plank shrinks and creates gaps among the planks. If you turn off the indoor heating during spring, the humidity level rises again which closes up the gaps.
  • Buckling:It happens rarely only when the floor is flooded up totally. In case, your hardwood floor is buckled, you will notice the entire floor pull away from the sub-floor even it can rises above several inches. Before the floor could become normal, it loses it’s aesthetic look.
  • Cupping:When your hardwood floor gets affected by the cupping, the plank’s edges rise higher than it’s centre area. Along with humidity, spill and plumbing leakage are also cause of cupping.

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