Difference Between Interior & Exterior Painting

Difference Between Interior & Exterior PaintingWho does not want to own a home and be proud of one? Well, everybody wants one such home. However, owning a home and being proud of it are two separate things. Only a beautiful house can make you feel proud. The house has to be beautiful from the outside as well as its interiors. This is where interior & exterior painting steps in. King Renovations provide these services in Richmond Hill and the nearby lying areas.

Composition of Paints

The components of all paints are essentially the same i.e.

  1. Pigments
  2. Solvents
  3. Additives
  4. Resins

In latex paints, water is the solvent, while oil-based paints contain mineral spirits as the solvent. On drying, the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the other three components. The pigment gives colour to the house, while resins help the dye stick to the walls. Additives play an essential role by providing valuable properties to the paint, making it easier to clean, making the surface mildew resistant, or making it easier to apply.

The Difference

There is a possibility of differences in Interior and Exterior paints, but the main difference is that resins choice binds the colour to the surface.

Exterior Paints must exhibit the following properties:

  • Should be tough
  • Resist peeling
  • Resist chipping
  • Resist fading
  • The Resin in use must be softer in exterior paints
  • Must survive temperature changes

On the other hand, Interior paints must show the following characteristics:

  • Withstand abrasion
  • Must be delicate
  • Resist Staining
  • It can be easily scrubbed
  • More resistant to physical damage

Let’s Conclude

When you need to paint your house, do not pick the same paint for the interior and exterior. Decide on the type of paint that will suit your walls by studying their properties. After all, you don’t paint a house every day, and it is your home in question.