5 Tips To Prevent Scratches On Your Hardwood Flooring

5 Causes Of Drywall Damage: Hire Only Licensed ExpertsScratches on your hardwood floor can damage its whole appearance. No matter, you have maintained the look of your home interior, but if your floor is not looking shining or clean, the other interior maintenance will be overlooked automatically. There are several reasons behind scratch on surface. So, if you have recently installed the new hardwood flooring, you can follow the below tips to prevent your surface from getting it scratched.

  • Add Entry Mats
    When you come back to your home, probably, your shoes would have the dirt. Your direct entry will take the particles on your hardwood floor and make scratches when you walk on it. While using the entry mats, you can once rub your shoes outside which minimizes the risk of scratches.
  • Avoid Chairs With Rollers
    Roller chair is a big cause of scratches. It often tends to get the dirt which leaves the marks when you drag it from one to another place. You can either avoid use of roller chairs or choose the ideal chair for hardwood floors.
  • Add Felt Pads
    The felt pads are good especially when you are habitual to move the chairs most. Many people don’t use the felt pads especially when they have heavier items like couches. But, you can use the felt pad to be placed beneath the furniture.
  • Regular Cleaning
    Pay attention to the regular cleaning of your hardwood floor. And, make sure to use only high-quality cleaning products that don’t affect the floor quality and remove the dirt completely.
  • Use Rug
    You can use the rug, carpet and the plastic mats. Frequently, you can use it under the chairs to prevent your floor from scratches. Another benefit of having a rug, it collects the dirt and dust that you bring inside with your footwear.

The preventive tips will help you keep your hardwood floor remain shining for as long as possible. But, once you have gotten the scratches on your floor, you can visit King Renovations for the replacement of hardwood flooring. Our insured and licensed floor installation contractors in Richmond Hill ensure to provide a 100% satisfying job.